Country Girl

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Country Girl
Country girl logo.png
Developer07th Expansion
Publisher07th Expansion
ReleasedAugust 31, 2016
TRianThology Arcs

Country Girl (カントリーガァル Kantorīgāru?) is one of three story arcs comprising TRianThology along with Vespio 2438 and School Love Adventure. It was written by Romeo Tanaka.


Mikihiko, Keiko, Iyo and Miya are a happy group of friends. But Mikihiko, who was gifted in both sports and studies, and had built himself a fine harem, saw his whole identity shattered when he failed the high school entrance exams. Worse, after his failure, the four of them literally drifted apart.

Keiko managed to enter the high school she wanted despite continually fighting an illness during that period. But because of said illness, she missed the entire first month of classes. And when she finally recovered, she heard a “certain story” about Mikihiko and Miya…

And Iyo, the only one she could meet again, threw that line to her:

“So you want to get back the relationship we all had as children? Keiko.”[1]



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