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Character Information
TitleWitch of Gutting
Also Known AsMajor Alice
Alice Ryuzaki
Hair ColorBlonde
Brown (as Alice Ryuzaki)
Eye ColorPurple
Brown (as Alice Ryuzaki)

Alice (アリス, Arisu) is the central protagonist of TRianThology. A witch plagued by boredom, Alice asks her servant Usagi for a means of entertainment and is given three fragments to explore, those being Country Girl, School Love Adventure, and Vespio 2438.



Alice is an extremely powerful witch, known as the "Witch of Gutting" due to her tendency to experience the most interesting parts of a given fragment and discard or "gut" the rest.


Alice's design is derived from Alice in Wonderland. She wears a light blue dress decorated with playing card suits. She has mismatched socks: one is white and the other is checkered white and black like a chessboard. Both socks are paired with red slippers. She wears a small crown on her head. In her appearances as a witch and as a Major, she has long blonde hair styled into twintails.

As Alice Ryuzaki, she appears as a young girl with considerably shorter brown hair, along with brown eyes. She wears a white t-shirt adorned with playing card suits under a sleeveless black jacket along with jean shorts, white socks, and blue shoes. She also has a bandage on her left knee.


Though easily bored, Alice displays a curious personality, motivated to uncover the numerous links between the three fragments she is given. During the intermission periods between stories, she shows an interest in attempting to figure out the mysteries presented to her by Usagi. She also has a violent streak, often threatening to maim Usagi and replace his limbs.


Vespio 2438

A version of Alice appears in Vespio 2438 as Major Alice. This character is distinct from the witch Alice, having no memory or knowledge of witches or the wider story encompassing TRianThology. In the final moments of Vespio 2438, Falco addresses Alice, the witch, directly, rather than the character of Major Alice.


The final arc of TRianThology reveals that the entire story had taken place within the fantasies of Alice Ryuzaki, a fourth-grade girl who had taken to escapism due to her loneliness. The story ends with the implication that she hangs herself due to her worsening isolation.


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