School Love Adventure

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School Love Adventure
School love adventure logo.png
Developer07th Expansion
Publisher07th Expansion
ReleasedAugust 31, 2016
TRianThology Arcs

School Love (Though Calling It That Is a Bit Ridiculous) Adventure (学園恋愛(と呼ぶにはおこがましい)アドベンチャー Gakuen ren'ai (to yobu ni wa okogamashī) adobenchā?), shortened to School Love Adventure, is one of three story arcs comprising TRianThology along with Vespio 2438 and Country Girl. It was written by Yuuto Tonokawa.


In this school, you see, there’s a legend. Did you know? Everyone dreams of it, and enters the school eagerly expecting it. Looking for a bright and lively youth. Here’s how the story goes. When the leaves fall (?), if you make a wish in front of the Taiko behind the school building, and confess your love for the first time on a special day… The one who shall have become a “hero” by bestowing disaster on Earth will become eternally happy… “…Was there a legend like that?” “Okay. I have a netgame to finish, so I’m going home.” Our ever so slightly lazy protagonist could become “the hero of the legend” at the end of summer, in his bumpy youth overflowing with love. Do you want to witness it with your own eyes?[1]



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