Turn of the Golden Witch/Tea Party


Rosa Ushiromiya wakes up in Purgatorio. Beatrice welcomes her and offers to grant any one wish that Rosa wants. Before Rosa can decide on a wish, Beatrice looks into Rosa's soul and determines that Rosa wants to be free from the oppressive force of her siblings. With a snap of her fingers, Beatrice summons forth an elaborate banquet. She has several of her servants force feed Rosa the food, which was comprised of the remains of Krauss, Eva, and Rudolf Ushiromiya. She finished by forcing Rosa to eat a dessert made from Rosa's daughter, Maria Ushiromiya. After this experience, Rosa submits to the witch and admits that Beatrice exists. However, Battler Ushiromiya intervenes. Excited by Battler's regained will to defy her, Beatrice decides to set up the next game.