Legend of the Golden Witch/Tea Party


Battler, George, Jessica, and Maria Ushiromiya as well as Shannon and Kanon speculate upon the nature of the events of Legend of the Golden Witch. In doing so, they come to the conclusion that the murders could have only been committed by a witch masquerading as a 19th person on the island. However, Battler alone denies this possibility and makes impassioned albeit feeble arguments against the existence of witches. Following this, the witch Beatrice appears before him and demonstrates her magic by forcing everyone to re-experience the deaths they suffered within Legend. Angered by this, Battler tells Beatrice she will regret making him her enemy.

After the credits roll, Beatrice challenges Battler to explain the mysterious happenings within Legend, specifically the truth regarding Maria's letter, the deaths of the six in the storehouse, the storehouse shutter, the receipt seal, the chain-locked room, Kanon's death, the death of those in the parlor, Natsuhi's apparent suicide, the riddle of the epitaph, and the location of Kinzo's gold. The tea party ends as Battler roars in defiance.