Kaidan to Odorō, Soshite Anata wa Kaidan de Odoru

Kaidan to Odorō, Soshite Anata wa Kaidan de Odoru
ReleasedMarch 16, 2012
Written ByRyukishi07
Illustrated ByBeam Nozawa
Original runJanuary 26 - July 26

Kaidan to Odorō, Soshite Anata wa Kaidan de Odoru (怪談と踊ろう、そしてあなたは階段で踊る, We Shall Dance With Ghost Stories, Thus You Dance in the Stairway) is a 2005 novel published by Ryukishi07. It was later adapted into a manga of the same name.


Three middle school boys, Tomohiro, Tooru, and Hiroyuki, decide to alleviate their boredom by coming up with a curse to spread around town; the curse of Ohone-sama. The boys spread bones around town and wrote Ohone's name on blackboards to propagate the curse and set up an offering box at a local shrine for people to deposit offerings to Ohone-sama. The boys would then steal the money. Eventually, the curse becomes widespread and one of the boys' classmates, Miyoko Tanashi falls from a stairwell and is left unconscious for several days. Her fall is attributed to the curse by many of their classmates. Fearful that the truth of the curse will be revealed, the boys attempt to find out who pushed Miyoko from the stairwell. They eventually deduce that another classmate, Rie Satou, was responsible for the fall. The trio interrogates Rie. She is initially secretive of her whereabouts but eventually reveals she has an alibi; she had been on the roof of the school and was the first to see Miyoko's body after the fall. Shortly after this, Miyoko recovers and returns to school. At the same time, Rie disappears. Tomohiro's aunt, detective Yuka Miyajima, reveals to him that Rie had been put on house arrest; she was on the roof of the school because she was having a secret rendezvous with her boyfriend, a teacher at the school who was previously in a relationship with Miyoko. Yuka concludes that Miyoko had orchestrated the fall specifically to reveal Rie's relationship.


Tomohiro Miyajima
A middle school boy obsessed with curses who decides to create his own: the curse of Ohone-sama.
A middle school boy who helps Tomohiro created the curse of Ohone-sama.
A middle school boy who helps Tomohiro created the curse of Ohone-sama.
Miyoko Tanashi
A middle school girl who becomes a victim to the curse of Ohone-sama.
Satou Rie
A classmate of Miyoko Tanashi's. The two had a falling out and have grown to dislike each other.
Yuka Miyajima
Tomohiro's aunt who's passionate about judo and drinking. She's a police officer who becomes involved in Ohone-sama's curse.





  • The word "kaidan" can be written as 「階段」, meaning "stairway", as well as 「怪談」, meaning "ghost story".