Bakemonotachi ga Usobuku Koro ni ~Bakemonohime no Kateikyoushi~

Bakemonotachi ga Usobuku Koro ni ~Bakemonohime no Kateikyoushi~
バケモノたちが嘯く頃に ~バケモノ姫の家庭教師~
Written byRyukishi07
Illustrated byRemotaro (web novel)
Shigeo Hamashima (paperback)
ReleasedDecember 20, 2019 (web novel)
October 10, 2020 (paperback)
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Bakemonotachi ga Usobuku Koro ni ~Bakemonohime no Kateikyoushi~ (バケモノたちが嘯く頃に ~バケモノ姫の家庭教師~, When the Monsters Roar ~The Monster Princess' Tutor~) is a novel written by Ryukishi07, illustrated by Remotaro, that was released on the LINE Novel service on December 16th, 2019. The service was shut down on August 31, 2020, but the work was published as a book with illustrations by Shigeo Hamashima on October 10 of the same year.


Year 25 of Shōwa era (1950). In the late summer, a young man, Raiichi Shiozawa, visits the village of Mishirushi, where old superstitions and folklore still remain. The purpose of his visit is to tutor Matsurika Mikubi, daughter of a prominent village family. However, Matsurika is not an ordinary human; she is a monster that eats human flesh. Why this beautiful and graceful girl has turned into a monster? Because of an illness? A curse?

Afterward, eight girls disappears all of a sudden. What's the truth behind the disappearance? On the boundary between Humans and Monsters, lady Monster's private tutor, Raiichi Shiozawa, will reveal all the mysteries!

The author of the When They Cry series presents to you a new story full of mystery and strangeness.