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Haworthia (ハオルシア Haworushia?) is an upcoming sound drama produced by M. Graveyard. It is meant to tie in to 07th Expansion's latest work, When They Cry 5.

Track listing

No. Title Length
1. "organic automata (オルガニクスオートマタ?)"    
2. "rainbow of nostalgia (望郷の虹 Bōkyō no niji?)"    
3. "Welcome! To Punica's study! (おいでませ! ピューニカちゃんの書斎へ! O idemase! Pyūnika-chan no shosai e!?)"    
4. "Pink justice (ピンクジャスティス?)"    
5. "対を成す姉妹の名。その対価としての歌"    
6. "Utopia (ユートピア?)"    
7. "the star we loved (私たちが愛した星 Watashitachi ga aishita hoshi?)"    
8. "The Sky of Shūnya (シューニャの空 Shūnya no sora?)"    
9. "ハオルシア、かく語りき"    
10. "Rebirth of blue"    
11. "ネガイノハテ"    
12. "Pink Justice"    
13. "into the sky (天空へ Tenkū e?)"    
14. "望郷の虹(Inst_Version)"    
15. "Utopia (inst version) (ユートピア(Inst_Version)?)"    
16. "シューニャの空(Inst_Version)"