Twilight of the Golden Witch/Tea Party


Featherine Augustus Aurora idly muses about her inability to know when a tale should reach its conclusion. Bernkastel sews Lambdadelta back together as she was dismembered when Featherine killed her in the City of Books. Bernkastel calls for Erika Furudo, telling her that a letter addressed to her has arrived. Erika reads the letter, which was written by Dlanor A. Knox. She informs Erika that Gertrude has been promoted and Cornelia has begun combat training. Furthermore, Willard H. Wright made some lucky bets on the foreign exchange market and is living a life of leisure alongside Lion Ushiromiya. Dlanor ends her letter by asking Erika to stir up trouble so that she can be alleviated from the tedium of stamping papers all day.

When Lambdadelta is fully sewn together, she and Bernkastel go their separate ways, promising to meet again "the next time something cries."