Black Tea Gentleman

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Black Tea Gentleman
Character Information
TitleVice Principal
BirthdayNovember 15
Zodiac SignScorpio
Hair ColorRed
First Appearance"The Princess' Lie"

The Black Tea Gentleman (紅茶の紳士, Koucha no Shinshi) is a youkai in Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni. Despite being unranked, it is rumored that he is the right hand of the Headmaster. He holds the power to allow humans to believe lies and thus escape reality.



The Black Tea Gentleman appears as a tall man with red hair with a streak of white. He wears a highly decorated black-and-blue tuxedo with red boots. The Black Tea Gentleman, like most other male youkai, keeps his eyes closed at all times.


Unlike most youkai he does not seem to like killing his prey. Instead, he approaches them by offering a contract. If the person accepts then he will grant their wish in exchange for only a portion of their soul. In reality, he is only showing the person that he contracts with what they would like to believe is reality as he consumes their soul.


  • The Black Tea Gentleman enjoys reading about children's dreams for the future.

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