Purple declaration

Purple declarations (紫の発言, Murasaki no Hatsugen), also known as purple statements, are statements that carry the same weight as a red truth in that any statement made in purple is unquestionably true. However, the culprit alone of any given game can lie with purple statements. Purple statements were introduced in Twilight of the Golden Witch as an integral part of the final game.

Twilight of the Golden Witch

  1. Gohda: The dining hall was locked up
  2. Kumasawa: That's when I arrived.
  3. Gohda: I unlocked the door with a master key
  4. Kumasawa: Eva-sama, Hideyoshi-sama, Rudolf-sama, Kyrie-sama, Rosa-sama, and Genji-san, six people in all, were lying there, covered in blood......
  5. Krauss: Everyone gathereed in the dining hall.
  6. Shannon: The death of each parent was confirmed by their own child
  7. Kanon: Doctor Nanjo and I confirmed that Genji-sama was dead
  8. Nanjo: No one will mistakenly confirm a death, even those other than myself.
  9. Maria: All the victims died instantly.
  10. Krauss: After inspecting the interior of the dining hall, we determined hat all of the doors and windows had been locked, making it a closed room.
  11. Battler: Nothing suspicious was found inside the dining hall.
  12. George: There was no one hiding in the dining hall either
  13. Krauss: It's clear that no one is hiding.
  14. Natsuhi: We destroyed Genji's master key.
  15. Gohda: Madam [Natsuhi]'s room was locked!
  16. Shannon: I unlocked the door...
  17. Kanon: Krauss-sama and Natsuhi-sama lay sprawled on the floor inside the room
  18. Battler: Doctor Nanjo checked their pulse
  19. Nanjo: I confirmed both of their deaths. There can be no doubt that they died instantly
  20. Jessica: I found that the windows and doors were all locked, making it a closed room.
  21. Shannon: All of us servants were together the whole time.
  22. Kanon: All of us servants can prove an alibi for all of the other servants.
  23. Maria: We put duct tape all over the outside of the doors and windows, sealing them!
  24. Jessica: We made sure that no one would be able to enter or leave until the police arrived!
  25. Battler: We also sealed the dining hall in the same way.
  26. Nanjo: We also sealed the mansion itself, and all of us took refuge in the guesthouse.
  27. Jessica: We all went outside to look for [Shannon and Kanon]
  28. George: I was forced to acknowledge that [Shannon] was dead...
  29. Nanjo: I also examined her and confirmed her death.
  30. Gohda: Not one of us has an alibi...!
  31. Jessica: At least regarding Shannon's death, it was impossible for George nii-san to be the murderer.
  32. Battler: ......anyone could have killed [Shannon] besides George-aniki.
  33. George: We destroyed the master key Shannon-san had held on the spot.
  34. Nanjo: Judging by these wounds, Gohda-san and Kumasawa-san died instantly
  35. Jessica: Gohda-san and Kumasawa-san are both dead!
  36. Battler: none of us has an alibi.
  37. Jessica: The four cousins and Doctor Nanjo couldn't have killed Gohda-san and Kumasawa-san.
  38. George: But the guesthouse was still completely locked up.
  39. Battler: No master keys exist anymore except the two keys on the two people who lie dead here.
  40. Jessica: H,he's dead...[Nanjo]'s been killed......!
  41. George: This was an instant death
  42. Maria: Everything is locked up perfectly.
  43. Jessica: Maria, Battler, George nii-san and I all couldn't have killed Doctor Nanjo!
  44. George No one could kill Doctor Nanjo inside the guesthouse!
  45. Battler: This is proof that Doctor Nanjo didn't leave the guesthouse...!
  46. George: [Jessica] probably died instantly.
  47. Maria: There's no way [Jessica] could live through this.
  48. Battler: George-aniki, Maria and I couldn't have killed Jessica!
  49. Maria: The three of us couldn't have killed Jessica.
  50. George: Maria-chan couldn't kill anyone.
  51. Maria: George onii-chan couldn't kill an adult. He could kill a kid though.


  • Purple text appears at two other points in Twilight of the Golden Witch, immediately prior to the ending, wherein Ange is has to pick between one of two doors. Beatrice's left hand and right hand use purple text, though this is seemingly unconnected to its use in the final game.