Umineko no Naku Koro ni Timeline (final game)

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The final game is a relatively simplistic puzzle created by Bernkastel as a challenge to BATTLER and Beatrice. The final game is specifically designed so that magical influence is impossible, thus eliminating the usual challenge of trying to disprove the existence of magic. Instead, the goal of the game is simply to find the culprit.

The Rokkenjima masssacre

Rokkenjima massacre
Kyrie, Battler, and Rudolf laughing in the rain
DateOctober 4-5, 1986
Attack typeMass shooting
Perpetrator(s)Kyrie, Rudolf, and Battler Ushiromiya

In this timeline, Kinzo never appears, presumably following the assumption that Kinzo is dead prior to the beginning of a Game. In the first twilight, Eva, Hideyoshi, Rosa and Genji are all killed in the Ushiromiya family dining hall. Kyrie and Rudolf are seemingly killed, however, their deaths are faked and the confirmation of their death is done by Battler, and is also false. The group then proceeds to kill Krauss and Natsuhi in Natsuhi's room in the second twilight. In the fourth twilight, they kill Shannon, thus also "killing" Kanon. In the fifth and sixth twilights, the group kills Gohda and Kumasawwa. In the seventh twilight, they kill Doctor Nanjo in the guest house. For the eight twilight, Kyrie and Rudolf kill Jessica outside the guesthouse. As the remaining group of Battler, George and Maria despair over their losses, George begins to seriously question who the culprit might be. However, George stops himself from thinking about it once he realizes that one of the cousins must be implicit in the murders. Maria, however, glibly speaks her mind on the topic of the culprit and comes to the conclusion that Kyrie, Rudolf and Battler all worked together to slaughter the family. Acknowledging her deduction, Kyrie and Rudolf emerge from nearby bushes and declare that they in fact are the killers. Battler joins his parents as they kill George and Maria. The family laughs as an otherworldly Ange looks on, helpless.

The rules

The final game is bound a set of rules:

  • The definition of 'culprit' is 'one who murders'.
  • It is possible for a culprit to lie.
  • It is possible for a culprit to lie even before committing murder.
  • Characters who are not culprits only speak the truth.
  • Characters who are not culprits may not cooperate with a culprit.
  • A culprit must carry out all murders directly, by their own hands.
  • A culprit must not die.
  • A culprit must be among the characters appearing in the story.
  • Purple statements are as absolute as red truths. However, the culprit alone may lie with purple statements.
  • The Reader will tell no lies. In other words, outside of spoken statements, there are no lies in the narration.
  • [Lambdadelta] guarantee[s] that it is possible to pinpoint the culprit with this information.