Umineko no Naku Koro ni Timeline (Miracle fragment)

The miracle fragment timeline is the only depicted timeline in which Lion Ushiromiya exists. In any given fragment there is a 1/2,578,917 (.00003878%) chance that Sayo Yasuda will be accepted by Natsuhi Ushiromiya as her child and become Lion Ushiromiya. Bernkastel travels through an untold number of fragments in order to discover this one.

Major differences

The largest difference in this timeline is the existence of Lion Ushiromiya. Natsuhi accepts the child she is given by Kinzo and raises it as her own first child. Lion grows into a near-flawless youth and becomes the next successor to the Ushiromiya headship. This succession is generally accepted by the rest of the family and removes the otherwise long-held tension between Krauss and Eva Ushiromiya over who is the more fit successor. The succession also lifts the weight and responsibility of the main family branch from Jessica's shoulders, allowing her to live her life in a more free manner.

Furthermore, Lion Ushiromiya cannot exist concurrently with Beatrice. As such, when Lion exists, Beatrice the Golden Witch does not.

However, this timeline ends the same way as the truth timeline, with Kyrie and Rudolf killing most of the family before being killed by Eva.

The Rokkenjima masssacre

Rokkenjima massacre
Lion Ushiromiya after being shot by Kyrie.
DateOctober 4-5, 1986
Attack typeMass shooting
Perpetrator(s)Kyrie and Rudolf Ushiromiya

After the Ushiromiya family arrives on Rokkenjima, Kinzo orchestrates a funeral for Beatrice. Later, during a private meeting with Kinzo, the siblings protest that Lion is not old enough to be named as successor. Kinzo countered by offering them the opportunity to solve a particularly difficult riddle he had designed, with the victor being awarded the position of successor. After much excited theorizing and search, the adults solve the riddle and discover Kinzo's hidden gold. Rudolf and Kyrie conspire to steal the gold for themselves and kill the other siblings, as well as the servants. Afterwards, they call the children in the guesthouse, tricking them into leaving the house one at a time under the guise of a special test prepared by Kinzo. The two kill Lion, George, Jessica and Maria and presumably escape the island afterwards.