Riria Nunokawa

Riria Nunokawa
Character Information
Also Known AsCleaning Princess Magical Lily
Riria Kurusu
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorPurple
OccupationIdol for Flower High School
First Appearance"Utahime: Song Princess"
Portrayed BySarah Emi Bridcutt

Riria Nunokawa (布川莉里杏, Nunokawa Riria) is an idol and student at Susuda Prefectural High School. She is the fifth member of the idol girl group Flower High School.



As an idol, Riria originally took on the persona of Cleaning Princess Magical Lily, a princess from the fictional Cleaningland. She was extremely popular in her pre-teen years, however her popularity waned after a growth spurt. Riria was pressured by her employers to lean into a "sexier" role but Riria was adamant about keeping the Magical Lily persona. As a result, Riria gained a reputation of being hard to work with, leading to a further decline in her popularity as an idol. After spending three years out of work, Riria singed on as a member of the girl group Flower High School.

The fractious nature of her role as Magical Lily led Riria to often see herself as two different people: the pre-teen Magical Lily and the high schooler Riria Nunokawa.


Riria appears as a lithe high school girl with purple eyes and shoulder-length brown hair. She wears the Susuda uniform of a seifuku covered with a grey vest. She also has a white headband in her hair. As Magical Lily, she appears as a ten year old girl wearing a pink dress and white boots. Her hair is tied in twintails via polka-dotted red ribbons.


While typically charming and outgoing, Riria is easily annoyed by those who don't take an immediate liking to her. She finds Suzumu Susuhara to be a particular challenge and vows to win him over as a fan. Riria is also hyper-aware of the gradual shift in idol culture towards younger idols, something she has begrudgingly come to terms with. As a result, Riria is tormented by self-hatred owing to her former popularity as Magical Lily. This is compounded by Riria's habit of reading online hate threads about her under the belief that idols can turn criticisms into strength.


Riria's personal character arc involves overcoming her penchant for seeking out negative comments online. When Susuhara uses his Divine Tribute Style on the spirit of Rokugami's curse, Riria's smartphone is destroyed. She buys a flip phone incapable of accessing the Internet and avoids visiting any forums overtly critical of her online.

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