Tsubakiko Harumiya

Tsubakiko Harumiya
Character Information
Also Known AsKiko
Bakiko the Slaughterer
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBlue
First Appearance"Noroihime: Curse Princess"
Portrayed ByMariko Honda

Tsubakiko Harumiya (春宮椿子, Harumiya Tsubakiko) is a student at Susuda Prefectural High School and member of the Local Community Service Club.



Tsubakiko comes from a family of landlords who own apartment complexes in Susuda. As a child, Tsubakiko developed a desire to be a "perfect wife" and often played house while at the playground. She met a man who she called "Mr. Daddy", who began grooming her when he saw her at the playground. After some time, the man invited her to his apartment and sexually assaulted her. He was arrested and received a nine-year prison sentence. Tsubakiko repressed these memories as she grew older. Unbeknownst to Tsubakiko, the man died of illness after seven years.

These experiences led her to develop a deep hatred of men. Tsubakiko became an inaugural member of the Bloodstained Angels, a female delinquent group. She gained a reputation for her violent and authoritarian attitude, especially towards boys, though she gave up this lifestyle upon entering high school.


Tsubakiko is generally a reserved girl, however she is prone to fits of rage wherein she speaks like a delinquent. She is a capable fighter and easily defeats boys her age in physical combat. She has long had a desire to be a "perfect housewife" but struggles with this due to her violent nature and her lack of homemaking talents.


Tsubakiko's personal character arc involves overcoming her sexual assault at the hands of a predator she once named "Mr. Daddy". When Susuhara uses his Divine Tribute Style on the spirit of Rokugami's curse, she realizes that Mr. Daddy had died in prison two years prior and manages to overcome her lingering trauma.


  • Despite her best efforts, Harumiya is a mediocre cook.
    • When bringing Susuhara breakfast, she overcooks the bacon and the eggs.

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