Kanae Minobe

Kanae Minobe
美濃部 鼎
Character Information
TitleFirst Princess of the Arkanae Minobe Kingdom
Also Known AsElice
Elice Caterpillarland
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBlue
OccupationPresident of the LCSC
First Appearance"Maboroshihime: Illusion Princess"
Portrayed ByYuka Ōtsubo

Kanae Minobe (美濃部 鼎, Minobe Kanae) is a senior at Susuda Prefectural High School and member of the Local Community Service Club. She is a major character in Iwaihime.



Kanae's home life is troubled due to her father's infidelity; he left the family to be with a woman he met in Northern Japan. Kanae's mother, in her grief, fell for a cult leader known as Mr. Tanaka. Kanae's disgust for Mr. Tanaka is what inspired her leadership at the Local Community Service Club as she is able to avoid going home as long as she is performing club duties.

Kanae suffers from distressing nightmares owing to her being a descendant of the cursed Suzunome. These nightmares manifest as a world known as Wonderland, styled off of the Wonderland from Alice in Wonderland. Kanae takes the role of "Princess Elice", also inspired by Alice in Wonderland. In her nightmares, Mr. Tanaka takes the form of the Ssech King, a grotesque half-caterpillar/half-man that speaks with a significant lisp.


As Minobe, she appears as a young girl with blue eyes and brown hair tied into twintails with flower-shaped ties. She wears a pink jacket with a mushroom patch over a traditional seifuku.

As Elice, she wears a blue and white dress, similar to Alice. Her dress is adorned with a series of symbols: a frowning rabbit, a diamond, a heart, a spade, a club, and another diamond. After joining with the Ssech King, her lower body becomes that of a large, green caterpillar.


Minobe typically has a bubbly and outgoing personality which she uses to mask her inner trauma.


Kanae's personal arc involves overcoming the influence of Mr. Tanaka, the cult leader who seduced her mother. When Susuhara uses his Divine Tribute Style, she realizes the extent of her nightmares and rekindles her relationship with her mother after Mayu Hinagata blackmails Mr. Tanaka into leaving the Minobe family alone.

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