Lambdadelta/Golden Fantasia




Character Information
AbilityUltra Paper

Lambdadelta is a ranged character included as part of an expansion for Cross, released on April 20, 2012. She one of the faster characters in Golden Fantasia and is capable of several long-range attacks.


Name Damage Description
Weak Attack Slap 54 Slaps in front of her. Whiffs against crouch.
Medium Attack Push 135 Pushes forward with her hands.
Strong Attack Paper fan 240 Steps forward and swipes in an overhead arc with a paper fan.
Throw 200 Lambdadelta turns the opponent into a konpeito candy, eats them, and spits them out.
Taunt Lambdadelta mocks opponent.
Back Special Koんpeiとu Throws a konpeito candy.
Front Special Sweet->s Throws a large candy forwards.
Down Special Hea→rtwa→rm Lambdadelta draws a heart.
Back Special II Blあck Ho→le Lambdadelta creates a black hole which draws in the opponent.
Special II Raiんbow☆Fireをrks Lambdadelta dashes forward and attacks the opponent with a series of candies.
Metaworld Attack Candy☆Comet!! Summons a candy meteor.