Bernkastel/Golden Fantasia

Character Information
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Bernkastel is a projectile-based character included as part of an expansion for Cross, released on April 20, 2012. She is one of the faster characters in Golden Fantasia. Since she floats rather than walks, Bernkastel is capable of both double jumping and mid-air dashes. She is also the only character who can enter the Meta World while airborne.


Name Damage Description
Weak Attack Punch 75 Bernkastel summons a large cat familiar to punch in front of her.
Medium Attack Swipe 135 Bernkastel summons a large cat familiar to swipe in front of her.
Strong Attack Bite 240 Bernkastel summons a large cat familiar to bite in front of her.
Throw 300 Bernkastel grabs the opponent and drops them into a void.
Taunt Bernkastel laughs at her opponent.
Back Special Chew them to bits from their knees down Summons three small cat familiars who walk forward until they hit the opponent.
Front Special Chew them to bits up to their elbows Bernkastel throws three small cat familiars into the air to slash the opponent.
Front Special II The Heartless Mystery that Penetrates All Summon a myriad of snakes that lunge at the opponent.