Yagouchi is an abandoned village near Hinamizawa. It is essentially a ghost town, with very few houses left standing and no inhabitants left. Long ago, the village had a major connection to Hinamizawa for farming purposes, but after the introduction of advanced technology, the people moved to Hinamizawa to be closer to the city. Behind the mountains near Yagouchi is an abandoned quarry, which is called the "hole". According to Mion Sonozaki, there was an accident in the quarry where a young boy fell into the "hole" and never came back home. The boy's father went to look for the him, but on the way, the father's car flipped and crashed into the river below. In actuality, the quarry is the Yamainu's base and serves as a storehouse for the poisonous gases intended for the Great Hinamizawa Disaster. Yagouchi appears exclusively in Nekogoroshi-hen.