Rokkenjima massacre

Rokkenjima massacre
The island of Rokkenjima as seen from the ocean
The island of Rokkenjima prior to the explosion
Datec. October 4-5, 1986
Attack typeExplosive

The Rokkenjima Mass Murder Incident (六軒島大量殺人事件, Rokkenjima Tairyō Satsujin Jiken), or more simply the Rokkenjima massacre (or Rokkenjimagate in the Steam translation), was an incident of mass murder that took place between October 4th and 5th of 1986 on the island of Rokkenjima. An unknown perpetrator killed several members of the prestigious Ushiromiya family and their servants. The attack received national media coverage and the mysterious nature of the massacre sparked an intense debate regarding the truth of the event. Later on, the auction of the "Ushiromiya Library" of occult books led to the creation of the Witch Hunters, a cult group dedicated to researching and theorizing the true nature of the attack. The massacre resulted in the permanent closing of visitation to the island of Rokkenjima. The truth behind the events of the Rokkenjima Massacre varies from game to game but always produces similar results.

The Official Story

The official story of the Rokkenjima massacre states that, at the annual Ushiromiya family conference, an unknown perpetrator detonated an explosive that destroyed a large portion of the island and nearly everyone residing on it. It is believed that the motive behind the massacre was for the legendary stash of gold held by family head Kinzo Ushiromiya. The only known survivor of the explosion was Eva Ushiromiya. Several years after the massacre, two bottles containing messages written by Maria Ushiromiya were found. The messages detailed the exact events that transpired at the time of the massacre. However, both messages contradicted each other, detracting heavily from their authenticity. A piece of Maria Ushiromiya's jaw was later found as part of the official investigation. The case remains unsolved.

Eva's story was that the witch's epitaph placed in the Ushiromiya Main Building was a ploy in order for Kinzo to select her to be the family head instead of her older brother Krauss. On October 5, 1986, Kinzo told her the answer to the riddle so that she could assume the headship and then instructed her to go to the Kuwadorian, an isolated mansion known only to the family head. During the time of the explosion, Eva was at the Kuwadorian and thus escaped harm. Eva maintained this story until her death.


In the wake of the massacre, several prosecutors attempted investigations into the matter to determine whether or not the sole survivor, Eva Ushiromiya, had orchestrated the event in order to inherit the family fortune.