The Mathcal template is intended to simulate a calligraphic font for use in mathematical formulas using standard HTML. Use this template as an alternative to \mathcal{...} in LaTeX markup (see Help:Displaying a formula).


Use this template to wrap an inline formula with a caligraphic font in wikitext. Example:

{{mathcal|AaBbCcDdEe 0123456789}}

produces: AaBbCcDdEe 0123456789.

The template attempts to use any caligraphic font that may be installed on several operating systems, either as default or as part of an office package. The fonts called are: Lucida Calligraphy, Monotype Corsiva, URW Chancery L and Apple Chancery.

Use of equals-sign

The template is meant to be used with alphabetic text, typically one or a few capital letters. If the body contains an exposed equals-sign ("="), it will fail to render. For example, the following template use produces no result:


There are two ways to resolve this.

Method 1: Start the body with "1=", as in:


which produces: P=NP.

Method 2: Enclose the equals-sign in double-braces "{{=}}", as in:


which produces: P=NP.

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