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This is for producing quantum state vectors in bra–ket notation, using wikicode, ideally with {{math}}, as an alternative to LaTeX in <math> mode.

This template uses {{braket}}.


There is one parameter, which is the text to be displayed as the ket label.


A ket can be written: , that is {{ket|Ψ}}.

Using {{math}}, a ket can be written: , that is {{math|{{ket|Ψ}}}}.

Schrödinger equation

In wiki-markup rather than LaTeX:

d/dt|ψ(t) = Ĥ|ψ(t)

that is,

{{math|1=''iħ''{{sfrac|''d''|''dt''}}{{ket|''ψ''(''t'')}} = ''Ĥ''{{ket|''ψ''(''t'')}}}}

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