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This is a template used to generate external links to the Visual Novel Database's Visual Novel wiki. Do not use this template to create citations. In fact, the Visual Novel Database is not a reliable source because it is considered an "open wiki" which can be edited by anyone with little to no fact checking.


  1. Go to vndb.org and search for the title/producer/character you want.
  2. If you aren't automatically brought to the page you're looking for, click on the link for the page to go to it.
  3. The page URL should look like https://vndb.org/x####, where x indicates a letter and "####" indicates a number.
  4. Add to the external links section of the associated Wikipedia article the text: * {{vndb|####|type}} where "####" is the number you've copied and type is the type of VNDB page it is (visual novel, producer, etc.). Note that type can be omitted for visual novels.


Use either of:

* {{vndb|####|type|title}}

* {{vndb|id=####|type=type|title=title}}

Do not mix "field=value" and "value" formats for the parameters as it can cause some of the fields to be overwritten. The parameters are:

  • id - the number at the end of the VNDB url.
  • type - can be visual novel, release, producer, or character. As an alternate, just the first letter of each can be used.
  • title - the desired linktext if different from the Wikipedia article's title. The default is the Wikipedia article's title if left blank.


Let's look at some Type-Moon related examples.

Code Result
{{vndb|7}} On the page Tsukihime:
"Tsukihime". The Visual Novel Database.
{{vndb|47||Kagetsu Tohya}} On the page Kagetsu Tohya:
"Kagetsu Tohya". The Visual Novel Database.
{{vndb|165|v|Melty Blood}} On the page Melty Blood:
"Melty Blood". The Visual Novel Database.
{{vndb|11|visual novel|Fate/stay night}} On the page Fate/stay night:
"Fate/stay night". The Visual Novel Database.
{{vndb|340|r|Tsukibako}} On the page Tsukibako (non-existent):
"Tsukibako". The Visual Novel Database.
{{vndb|1268|release|Melty Blood ReACT}} On the page Melty Blood ReACT (non-existent):
"Melty Blood ReACT". The Visual Novel Database.
{{vndb|6|producer}} On the page Type-Moon:
"Type-Moon". The Visual Novel Database.
{{vndb|72|c}} On the page Shiki Tohno:
"Shiki Tohno". The Visual Novel Database.
{{vndb|33|character|Saber}} On the page Saber (Fate/stay night) (note that the default title was not used):
"Saber". The Visual Novel Database.