This template contains the switch function for use in {{ldelim}} and {{rdelim}}, to change the height of the delimiters and store the glyphs that make up the delimiters.
Please do not delete it, and be very careful when editing it. Thank you.

The title is short for "delimiter extension switch". Ideally please do not move it.


The template has the code:


containing four parameters.

Parameter function Left-handed square bracket Right-handed square bracket Left-handed round bracket Right-handed round bracket Vertical bars Double vertical bars
The first parameter a is the top of the delimiter
The second parameter b is the glyph for the delimiter extension:
The third parameter c is the bottom of the delimiter

The fourth parameter d is the number of lines for the expression, and equals one of the values 2, 3, 4, 5. The default is 2.

Each line corresponds to inserting a glyph in a new line of the < span > using style="display:block;".

The glyphs listed above should be copied and pasted into the parameters a, b, c when this template is used.

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