The SSVD is one of the repentance enforcement agencies supervised by the Great Court of Heaven. Its area of jurisdiction is the 8th District. Like Eiserne Jungfrau, this agency is well-known and is tasked with performing heresy interrogations, and most probably carries out executions and sometimes bestowing redemption. It is rumored that this group's former leader, "Wizard-Hunting Wright", also known as the "Twenty Wedges", is even more powerful than Dlanor A. Knox, the Archbishop of the Eiserne Jungfrau.

Most of the members are shown to be female in Requiem of the Golden Witch, with Willard being the only known male. The total number of members are also uncertain. They also have the same uniform as the Eiserne Jungfrau, but with a different crest symbol.

Just as Eiserne Jungfrau uses Knox's Decalogue in heresy trials, the SSVD uses the Van Dine's Commandments.

Known members


  • The name "SSVD" is derived from the pseudonym of art critic and mystery author Willard Huntington Wright. Wright used the pen name "S.S. Van Dine," derived from an abbreviation of "steamship" and an old family name "Van Dine."

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