Ooishi's closure

Ooishi's closure is an important event in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni and serves as the final scene in Watanagashi-hen. Ooishi Kuraudo visits Keiichi Maebara in the hospital and attempts to give him some kind of closure by telling him about the status of the murder cases. Despite what the reader was previously led to believe, Mion Sonozaki is revealed to have died during her escape attempt and never met Keiichi or Shion afterwards. Furthermore, the autopsy on Miyo Takano's body revealed that Miyo had been dead for 24 hours at the time of discovery, meaning that she had been dead before the Watanagashi Festival even occurred. Interestingly, Rika Furude was found with a broken syringe on her person, despite ostensibly only going to the Sonozaki residence for soy sauce.