Why does our school have mixed grade levels?

Keiichi: "Rena, you're in the same grade level as I am right?"
Rena: "Hm? Yes we are. Our sexagenary cycle is also the same too."
Keiichi: "Hey, of course our sexagenary cycle has to be the same if we're in the same grade"
Mion: "That's not true. If you birth date is different, you can be of the same age, but in a different sexagenary cycle."
Keiichi: "Huh? Oh, I get it. Hey Mion, you're pretty smart."
Rena: "Ahahahaha. So when were you born, Keiichi-kun? Rena was born in July!"

Rena puts her head up high.
...hey what does that mean.

She isn't trying to act older just because she was born earlier than me right?

Keiichi: "...heh! Sorry to disappoint you. You have no chance to against me in my birth month!! ...I can even start to bet you 100 yen per each month I'm older than you!"
Rena: "What? What?! Why? Why?!"

Rena becomes confused as soon as I started to make a bet

...I suspect that her monthly allowance must be running low as I see her act that way

But...it's quite fun to see Rena getting gippy just because of birthday.

Mion: "So Kei-chan, does that mean you were born in April?"
Keiichi: "That's right! Too bad Rena! I'm already waaay older than you"
Rena: "Really! Wow! So Keiichi-kun's already the same age as Mii-chan!"
Mion: "Only for a few months~! Then I'm already older than him by a long shot once again!"

Mion snickers with her nose.
...hey, that's nothing to be getting all excited about (chuckle)

Keiichi: "...come to think of it..., Mion, you're in an older grade level then"
Mion: "Well if you are moe~ towards younger students, then I can proclaim myself to be of a lower grade level?"
Rena: "Mii-chan, I don't know what you are saying.."

Rena blushes her cheek, so I'm assuming she knows exactly what Mion is saying...

Keiichi: "And Satoko and Rika-chan are in a lower grade level. Scratch that, they should be in a different school lower grade level, right?"
Rena: "Ke...Keiichi-kun, I think your target age is wayy too low...too low..."

Rena is starting to mumble something odd now...
Heh, I'd better just rustle her hair a bit strongly for that statement.

Rena: "hauuu!! S---t---o---p!"

Keiichi: "So I've been wondering since I transferred here. Why is this school have mixed grade levels?"
Mion: "Because we don't have enough classrooms. I mean, what do you expect? This school is borrowing building space from the Forestry Preserve."

...come to think of it, that explains a lot. I've always thought this school was a bit weird.

The school ground is made of gravel, there are rooms that you don't see in normal schools, and there's even a construction vehicle in front of our school.

Keiichi: "Why is the school borrowing building space? What happened to the original school"
Mion: "The original one was built way before the war...so it got old and dilapidated."

Well, that's a school that I would've liked to see.

Mion: "So the students had to go to the school in the town right? But that's waay too far"
Rena: "Which school are you talking about?"
Mion: "You know that pediatric clinic in Okinomiya? The one that you go through the main train station and make a turn at the hospital?"
Rena: "Whaaat?!?! It's there? That's too far away!!"

I've just moved here so I don't know the geography of this area, but by the looks of Rena's expression, it must be far.

Mion: "So that's why. It's practically too far away, so kids that can't go to Okinomiya's school go to this temporary one that is being rented from the Forestry Preservation Station."
Mion: "That's about half the children in Hinamizawa right? There's quite a lot of them riding their bicycles to get here early in the morning."
Mion: "Well as you can see, this school is practically easy going, so it's not meant to be those elite type of school for prepping"
Rena: "That's not true Mii-chan! If you study real hard, you can do your studies anywhere!"
Kei: "Yeah, that's right! My thoughts matches with Rena!"
Rena: "Yeah! That's exactly right! Let's study real hard!"
Mion: "Well you two knock yourselves out. In the meantime, oji-san's gonna root for you in the background"

Keiichi: "It's not us! It's you Mion! You're supposed to be in exam hell right now?! The way your grades are at now, your future is black?!"
Mion: "That's fine. If I can't find a stable income, I'll get an eternal job by having you bringing home the food for me"
Rena: "E...eternal job? Wha...what do you mean by that?! by that?!"

Ms. Chie: "Shush! The three of you! You're supposed to be studying right now!"

The three of us was scolded by the teacher. Well, it's our fault so I can't say much there...

Satoko saw us getting scolded and started laughing

I jab back at her by sticking out my tongue.

...What Mion said was true. This school is as far away you can get from being one of those busy prep schools. But, there's a lot of things at this school that you can't find in any other place...

Do we have freedom of clothing?

It's only June... but it's already so hot. I could hear the higurashi outside chirping "miii miii," and at night there are mosquitos.

It might as well be summer already.

My only salvation was that the mornings were still cool.

Satoko: "Summer, I do declare!"

Satoko was flapping her skirt languidly.

...That's pretty unladylike there. ...Even if she was a little brat, she still was a girl.

Satoko: "Keiichi does seem quite cool withh just a single button-up shirt... I'm so jealous."
Keiichi: "From how I see things, the skirt you're wearing looks like it would be much cooler. A girl like you just wouldn't understand. Wearing jeans during this season and how steamy the crotch gets!"
Rena: "...It... it gets steamy... Hao..."

This girl has gone imagining something indecent...

Keiichi: "Rena's summer clothes have a nice refreshing color. I feel cooler just looking at them."
Rena: "Ahahahaha. Thank you! They really do feel pretty cool."
Satoko: "I do wish my summer clothes were as breezy as Rena's."
Rena: "But Satoko-chan, your summer clothes are so cute, being a one piece and all! I'd like to wear your summer clothes."
Satoko: "This is actually quite stuffy, you know. I do believe what you're wearing would feel much cooler."
Rena: "But it would be so much more fun with kyute clothes... Hao!"

...I had a feeling that Rena and Satoko's base values were fundamentally different.

Keiichi: "Speaking of which... our school doesn't have a uniform."
Rena: "Yeah. It doesn't. As long as they're proper, then regular clothes are fine."

There are quite a few students in regular clothes. There were a few wearing uniforms, but they were all the same design and rather plain.

Keiichi: "What's the uniform they're all wearing? They're all the same."
Satoko: "That's the city school's uniform. It's not like there's a rule, but they're all wearing them."
Keiichi: "Speaking of which, everybody in our group is wearing a different uniform, aren't we? Did you go out of your way to get them from somewhere?"
Satoko: "Why, yes. Mion-san supplied them."
Rena: "Mii-chan's relative runs a secondhand clothing store. They can get school clothes from all over the country for cheap, they say."
Keiichi: "So you asked those relatives to get a bunch of unique school uniforms, then."

That Mion, she probably loves using her friends as dress-up dolls.
That must be a strange secondhand clothing store. I get that it's a secondhand clothing store, but stocking clothes from schools all over the country?
...That's pretty strange for a secondhand clothing store.
What's the point in stocking up clothes from faraway schools they know nothing about??

Rena: "...Yeah. I think so, too. They also have used school swimsuits and P.E. univorms... I don't like the idea of having used ones."
Keiichi: "Doesn't sound like that shop makes much money...They probably have Mion pitch in and help so they can make a bit more."
Satoko: "...But Mion-san says, 'It'll be a big hit and become a great store!' with such conviction."

...A secondhand clothing store that stocks school uniforms will be a big hit?

I don't get it.

The Maebara Manor

Mion: "...So Kei-chan, you're not stinking rich?"
Keiichi: "What is this all of a sudden? Did I come to school in a limo before?"
Mion: "How much do you get for a monthly allowance?"
Keiichi: "About $10..."
Satoko: "My, that's a rather plebeian amount."
Rika: "His lunch is made up of normal stuff. He isn't rich."

What are they talking about!?
To be asked out of nowhere how much I get and then told that's a plebeian amount!

Rena: "Ahahahaha. Sorry, sorry!"

Rena seemed to pick up on my dubious expression and started giggling.

Mion: "Kei-chan... your house, you know... It's pretty big, yeah? So the architecture has people all around Hinamizawa calling it the Maebara Manor, and it sorta stands out."

M-Maebara Manor~!?

Rena: "Since the house is so big, everybody is gossiping, wondering exactly how rich you are."

I see. Now I get it.
...Well, the frame of it is huge. I see how it could cause some misunderstandings.

Satoko: "From my deduction, I wager they spent too much money on building the house, and that is why they are now broke~!"
Rika: "...Being broke, how very, very unfortunate."

...Rika-chan took pity on me as she patted my head.
I go from being treated like a millionaire to a beggar...

Keiichi: "Yeah, sorry for ruining your imagination, but we aren't millionaires or poor. We're the image of a normal, average household."
Mion: "you can't call it normal with that huge house! The entranceway is all grand, and the gate is large enough for a large truck to get through!! That's not normal at all!"

They do say the bigger your house, the more prosperous you are.

The reason the house is so big is because Dad's studio is in it, too.
There are a bunch of different workshops, and lots of his works are hung up in different places. All of them are huge, too.
For those reasons, the family actually uses only a third of the house for day-to-day living.

He planned it out so people and cars could come in to see the gallery he opens up in the house someday.
...By the way, the entranceway Mion is talking about is the one for the studio, and is normally sealed off.
The entranceway the Maebara family actually uses is a very plain and simple one.

The interior is much different from how it looks on the outside.

Mion: "I'd really like a chance to explore Kei-chan's house... Claiming not to be rich, but having a home like that!! What could be hidden there!?"
Rena: "M-Maybe there's something kyute hidden! Hao~!"
Satoko: "They probably had no money to purchase furniture, so it's filled with spartan rooms!"
Rika: "...If there are carpeted rooms, I would love to try rolling around on the floor."
Satoko "Waa~! That'd be so great, so great! I want to roll around, too!"

...Seems like their imaginations were just piling on...
Well... Sometime in the near future, it wouldn't be too bad to invite them all to my house.
...Dad is a sucker for the ladies, so he might even let them look around his studio.

The cry of the higurashi crescendoed, as the sky towered over everything.
It was hot but the air was clear. It smelled like the beginning of summer.

The hacking murder at the dam construction site

From the June XXth 1979 edition.

The Shishibone city Okinomiya police station, June XXth, late at night.

Suspects XXXX, XXX, XXXX, XXXXX, XXXX were arrested on suspicion of murder and improper disposal of a corpse.
The main offender, XXXX, has been added to wanted lists nationwide.

According to our sources, the six suspects were at the Hinamizawa dam construction site work room on the XXth at 9PM,
where they are suspected to have assaulted and murdered the site overseer XXXX as a group, dismembering his body and hiding it.

On the XXth at 8 o'clock in the morning, a report was filed by the Shishibone city hospital in which a male suspect alluded to having murdered Mr. XXXX.
When questioned at the police station, the individual confessed to the crime.

Since a portion of the body was recovered at the location he gave, he was arrested that afternoon on suspicion of murder and mutilation of a corpse.

The rest of the suspects were arrested the same day, but the main culprit is still at large.
Police are currently on his trail.

The motive is purported to be "a drunken verbal dispute, during which he killed the victim in a fit of anger."
However, as there are multiple inconsistencies with their testimonies, the investigation is ongoing.

The Hinamizawa dam construction project

October, 1975.

In accordance with the Prime Minister's bulletin number XXX, Hinamizawa's electrical development master plan was announced.

The vast scope of the projected Hinamizawa dam will have an incredibly heavy impact on the village of Hinamizawa.

The flooded area caused by the Hinamizawa dam would include the five areas of Hinamizawa, Takatsudo, Kiyotsu, Matsumoto, and Yagochi.
The submerged area includes 291 houses.
Population: 1,251, 1 elementary school, 1 middle school, 1 post office, 1 agricultural cooperative, 1 forestry department lumber yard, 5 shrines, 2 temples, and 1 fishery.
All of these communal, cultural, agricultural areas, and places of worship will be indefinitely submerged at the bottom of the artificial lake basin.

Forsaking the hundreds of years our ancestors poured their blood and sweat into this fertile, resource-rich land is just too painful to bear.
All the residents having homes that were to be submerged banded together, and created the Onigafuchi Defense Alliance.
The dam project was halted and petitions to alter the plan were circulated.

The citizens sought peaceful negotiations, but the government and its puppet company XXXXX openly refused.
Performing unspeakable, heinous acts, they quashed the democratic actions of the villagers.

But the villagers did not falter. Instead, they banded together even more closely and steeled their resolve to protect their homes to the death.

The continuation of that frightening Hinamizawa dam construction project is still stalled as of today.
The villagers understand that the stalling was caused by sublime power through unity and they understand that this fearsome plan has not yet been fully withdrawn.

The Onigafuchi Defense Alliance had been dissolved after it did its part, but the fellings of unity it garnered have not yet been extinguished.
As long as that passion resides in the hearts of the residents, they'll be able to confront whomever next decides to sink their homes into a lake basin.

Onigafuchi Defense Alliance Committee Chairman,

Kiichirou Kimiyoshi

Weekly featured article

Nightmare befalls the Hinamizawa dam!
Lynching and murder/dismemberment!

In X month of X day in XX prefecture at the Hinamizawa dam construction work site in Shishibone City, a bone-chillingly gruesome murder/dismemberment.

Even though this case has shocked the archipelago, the police will give no details on the case...
Exactly what happened at the Hinamizawa dam...?

"They probably didn't mean to kill him at first, but as the victim resisted by swinging around a shovel, the rest of the perpetrators armed themselves in return, and it quickly escalated to homicide."
So said the aforementioned Investigator A.

After this bloody tragedy was over, they were left with a body which nobody thought was alive...

XX-san had tormented the suspects daily with his rough behavior.
At first it was meant to be payback...

"All the perpetrators were horrified by their deed and one even turned himself in to the police."

It was the de facto leader of this group, XX, who suggested hiding the body.
Reluctantly at first, they soon began to think they did not wish to be caught.
The construction site had numerous places to hide the body with six people...
They were originally supposed to hide the body and leave the area...

"But the de facto leader feared that the consciences of the other five wouldn't be able to bear the burden and came up with a horrifying method to keep them from turning him in to the police...

He devised the heinous method of splitting up the body among them and making each of them responsible for hiding a piece.

"XX had turned a simple manslaughter into a gruesome dismemberment and forcibly involved each perpetrator in order to create a sense of unity between them."

Each one participated. But what does this mean?

Person A spoke out reluctantly:
"XX had ordered each and every one of them to dissect a piece for themselves. They were hesitant at first, but nobody refused."

In for a penny, in for a pound... was what it meant.
Thus, an unimaginable bloody ceremony began.

"The perpetrators wept and vomited as they performed the gruesome task. There was one person who stubbornly refused, but XX threatened them, saying, 'Nothing would change if someone else ended up dead,' and he gave up in his objections.

But XX's plan collapsed in the span of one night.
XXX, who had refused to dissect the corpse up until the last moment, had broken down into tears at the hospital where he was being treated for an injury sustained during the scuffle and confessed...

The criminals were arrested one after the other, but the de facto leader XX's whereabouts are still unknown.

Also, the right arm hidden by XX has yet to be found.

Despite an ongoing search, this horrible individual has so far managed to elude law enforcement.

What could the police be doing...?

"It appears that XX had said he was going to throw the body (right arm) into the marsh.
XX's car was discovered abandoned near the marsh, but there were no clues to his whereabouts."

XX didn't trust his companions.
One cannot deny the possibility that he had expected his companions to confess to the police and used his car as a decoy.

"Of course, I doubt that theory. Since he has no car, one would expect him to have a limited area to which he could have escaped to.
But within the station there were rumors going around that he had accidentally slipped and drowned int he marsh when he went to throw away the body."

To the locals, that marsh is believed to be bottomless.
It's known as Onigafuchi, the Ogre's Abyss, and it's said that the bottom of the marsh is connected to the hellish world of demons.

The atrocious demon from hell that was XX. Could it be that he had returned to hell through the marsh...?

The Zijin Dragon, bringer of luck and fortune!
Prosperous future!
Ladies leaping into your arms!
Business success!
Protection from harm!

Not just with pachinko and horse races, but business and even love... Guaranteed or your money back!

Zijin Dragon Bracelet DX (One piece)
27,800 Yen

What kind of name is Rena?

Rika: "...Rena's not here. Do you know where she is, Keiichi?"
Keiichi: "Huh? She was just there, actually... Hey, Mion. Where did Rena go?"
Mion: "Rena~? Didn't she go to the bathroom? She did say that she's been having bowel troubles lately."

I hadn't heard anything about that!

Keiichi: "...Satoko, do you know where Rena went?"
Satoko: "Rena, you say? I just passed her in the hallway. Rena has class duties today, so she's off to water the flower bed."
Mion: "ah~ It was Rena's turn for class duty. That's very much appreciated."

...Rena, Rena, Rena. ...Upon hearing it repeated, a thought came to mind.
It's rude to say this about someone's name... but it was a weird name.
It was like some foreigner's name.

Keiichi: "What kind of name is Rena, I wonder... What kind of kanji does her name use?"
Rika: "...Rena is her nickname. She has a proper name as well."
Keiichi: "What, really!? I was sure that Rena Ryuugu was her full name."
Satoko: "Well...I can understand you making that mistake since we only call her Rena."

She even signs her name as "Rena." It's like it's her real name in school.

Keiichi: "I wonder what her real name is... Let's ask her when she comes back!"

Satoko and Rika-chan looked at each other.

Rika: "...You don't need to ask her. We'll tell you what it is."
Satoko: "It's the 'rei from 'orei' and the 'na' from 'nara.' Her name is Reina Ryuugu!"
Keiichi: "Reina, is it? ...Hmm. So it's read out as Rena instead of Reina? That's a pretty interesting reading."
Rika: "...No, that's not it. 'Reina' is the correct way."
Satoko: "Rena had told us that she wanted us to call her 'Rena.' So we call her Rena."
Mion: "Kei-chan... Rena is Rena, you know? Only strangers call her Reina. You get where this is going?"

I understood what Mion was saying.
It didn't matter what her real name was, only what names we used between us!
Rena Ryuugu is Rena. She's nobody other than that.

Keiichi: "So I was thinking, if I had a nickname, would you call me by that?"
Mion: "If it's good. So what do you want to be called?"
Keiichi: "Con man."

Rena then came back into the classroom. One of the juniors near the door told Rena people were looking for her.

Rena: "What's this now? Who is looking for me, I wonder? I wonder?"

Seeing that, both Mion and I sneered.

Keiichi: "Bailiff, Ryuugu doth show herself!!"
Mion: "Con man, you're quite sinister... Hwah whah whah!!!"
Rena: Wh-What is this, what is this!? Keiichi-kun and Mii-chan are evil bailiffs? A con man!?"
Keiichi: "Damn you, Renanosuke Ryuugu! Today doth be when thou meetest thy maker. Have at the~!!"
Rena: "Wah! Wah! Suke-san, Kaku-san, show them what-for!"
Satoko: "Aye aye, sir!!!"
Rike: "...I expect my fee to be paid to my Swiss bank account."

Since it's come to this, we have no choice! We'll just have a grand battle with five people...!

Rena's fierce punches exploded in the proper timing to take out the seal.
The evil that was Mion and myself was vanquished in the end...

Keiichi: "I do hope that Rena does go on a journey to make the world a better place. How about heading to Nagata-chou?"
Rena: "...My destination is decided by where the kyute stuff gathers."

The toll of the bell signaled that break time was over.

Rena: "come on, come on Keiichi-kun, Mii-chan. The teacher's coming!"

I took Rena's hand and stood up.
It was just as the teacher had entered the classroom.
...Just one more hour. Man oh man. ...Got to buckle down for one more!

Community Notice

We're greeting the end of the rainy season sooner than in prior years. On this day, when it feels like summer will soon arrive, I'm pleased that everyone is in good health.

The season for the Watanagashi is finally upon us. I believe the assistance of the town council will make this a wonderful festival.
I also wish to ask for the assistance of everyone in regards to a few things...

1. Collecting bazaar goods!
We look forward to a well-received Hinamizawa grand bazaar exhibition.
Holding a massive collection of excess goods and used clothing.
No raw goods, please.

Management: Makino - Tel (X) XXXX

2. Recruiting Li'l Festival Drum Dancers!
The renowned "Li'l Festival Drum Dancers" group known for its careful choreography, The Shoufu Society, is taking last minute participants.
We're looking for any showboat elementary and middle schoolers!

Management: Kimiyoshi - Tel (X) XXXX

3. Taking donations!!
We are accepting donations in multiples of 1,000 yen.
For every 1,000 yen donation, you'll be awarded with a refreshment stand ticket!

Management: Sonozaki - Tel (X) XXXX

We are always taking suggestions for ways to improve the festival at all times.
If you have an interesting idea, call Kimiyoshi at (X) XXXX!

(There is a 200 yen refreshment stand ticket attached below the cut line.)

The dam project supporters couple's falling accident

The death of the priest at the shrine

The murder of the housewife

Wireless recordings

More than 4 perpetrators?

???: "The cause of death was a hemorrhagic shock caused by scratching and tearing his throat. Fleshing and skin of his neck was clogged between his nails. It wasn't done by another's nails. It was his nails for sure. The seam of the wound matches too."

Ooishi: "Yeah-yeah. We know the cause of death is suicide."

???: "I know you know. You're asking me if anyone is capable of making this happen right?"

Ooishi: "It's not the same as a man scratching his back and bleeding from it you know?"

Some of Mr. Tomitake's nails are even peeled off. Nails can actually come off easier than you think.

But it really hurts.

So, usually people don't do it to the extent that it comes off.

And there are many bruises on Mr. Tomitake's body.

...The shapes of the bruises make it clear that they were made by physical abuse by bare hands of a group of people.

Ooishi: "Considering the discharge from his body, he must've been in a state of extreme adrenaline rush."

???: "Are you saying that he got so excited during the battle that he scratched his throat to the point of death? It must've scared the shit out of the attackers."

People do take unbelievable actions when they get abnormally agitated in unusual situations. Of course, this is an extreme case, though.

???: "There's the thing Ooishi-kun. The timber that the victim seemed to have used as a weapon. We could only get a bit of grit and a piece of paihnt of guardrail from it."

Ooishi: "No fabric of the clothes of the suspect or a piece of skin?"

???: "No. The victim didn't hit the suspects. ...Or the suspects might've taken the timber with them."

Ooishi: "If they did, why did they leave one behind? They would've taken all of them."

???: "Ha-ha-ha-ha! You're damn right."

Ooishi: "Mr. Tomitake has a well-built body and he's also tanned. ...He was an athlete, right?"

???: "Huh? Yes, he was. He looks like he's been working out."

...I have no idea what kind of sports he was playing before his death, but I think he had a rather high physical ability.

That means he wouldn't be easily outdone by the attackers.

A guy with a big body like him was facing death and swung around a weapon for his life.

It's hard to believe that it didn't even make a scratch on the suspects.

And the suspects didn't have anything to attack him but their bare hands.

He had a timber in his hand, so it's easier to assume that he could've struck one of them at least once...

Ooishi: "To attack a big guy like him, ...how many people do you think they need?"

???: "Humm. I bet you know it better than I do, Ooishi-kun. Remember the time when you were a bad boy!"

How many would I want if I had to fight with him?

It's an ironclad rule of hunting to have a certain number of people when you attack a huge beast.

...I want at least four.

Even if there are big differences with physical size, four people can get it done.

Ooishi: "It means there is a large number of suspects. Should we suspect groups of more than four who were drunk at the festival?"

...A group of more than four.

But... if they had so many people, they could've hidden the body from view, couldn't they?

Or...the victim escaped somehow from a place where he was held captive on the verge of death...

If so, I don't understand why he committed suicide.

Not only that, but I also don't understand the abnormal way he died...There are so many mysteries.

???: "We do focus on that point, too. We're going to hold a thorough investigation into that...but I don't have high hopes. It's because we've never had a case like this in the past."

Ooishi: "I don't expect it to be easy either. But I do look forward to the result."

"Ooishi-saaan! The section manager wants you!"

Ooishi: "Excuse me. I'll see you again next year."

???: "Yeah. Have a nice year!"

Investigation memo

Tomitake Jirou (deceased)

:Stayed at a motel in Shishibone city.
:Signed in the guest book as Tomitake Jirou
--his pen name
:Used a portable bicycle as his means of transportation. No car license or any other license was found.
:His portable bicycle was found abandoned on the side of a forest road 400m from the crime scene.
:He was at the festival.
:He was with Takano Miyo who's missing.
:A policeman saw them around 9 PM. Haven't been seen since then.
:Used to stay in Hinamizawa for a week on every season for the past five or six years
:A freelance photographer, specializing in wild birds. --Find what magazines he worked for
:No suspicious items found in the films of his belongings.
:His wallet was left with him. -- Could it be nothing more than an assault?
:By the contents of his wallet, I assume his life was based between Tokyo and Chiba. Along the Soubu line of Japan National Railways?
:Nobody by the same name as Tomitake Jirou is registered in the Basic Resident Register of any ward inside Tokyo.
:Need dental clinics inside Tokyo to verify his dental reocrd. --Request to Tokyo police.
:Send his facial portrait to the authorities.
--To Tokyo police.
:Call every magazine company and ask about Tomitake Jirou.

Takano Miyo (missing)

:A nurse working at Irie clinic.
:A close friend of Tomitake since they met at a wild-birds shooting that she did as a hobby.
:Her house is in Okinomiya. Single.
:Was seen with Tomitake at the festival and has been missing since then.
:Abducted? Or a suspect? --A material witness!
:Has no move to kill him. --Lover's quarrel?
:Investigate her personal connections inside out! --Her workplace and etc.
:Get more information from the security policemen who were at the festival!

:I want to eat cream puffs. Four of jumbo size. --Ooishi