Volume 2 (Harem Royale)

Ren'ai Harem Game Shuuryou no Oshirase ga kuru Koro ni
ReleasedOctober 6, 2017
December 22, 2020
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Ren'ai Harem Game Shuuryou no Oshirase ga kuru Koro ni (恋愛ハーレムゲーム終了のお知らせがくる頃に) Volume 2 is the second volume of Harem Royale -When the Game Ends-.


Serika Furuwada attempts to coerce Ren Suigyokuin into joining her alliance; Ren refuses and Serika attempts to slice her throat. Ren escapes with a minor injury and proposes that the girls trick more heroines into becoming unwitting participants in the game to better their own chances. Serika refuses and leaves. Later, Ren loses several hearts due to a plan Serika had formed. Realizing her situation, Ren swears to work with Serika and the other heroines to prevent any deaths. Annoyed by the heroines' refusal to properly participate, Zepafur creates a motive by promising untold luck to whoever wins the game. Unbeknownst to the other girls, Liru Yumezuka begins secretly meeting with Asunaro to work on her manga and improve her standing with him. During the summer, Asunaro wins a trip for six to a private island. On the way to the island, Zepafur changes the rules of the game from a heart system to a point system so that the girls cannot prolong the game with a boycott.


  • 05. Rebirth (新生)
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  • 07. To Dream a Dream (ドリーム ア ドリーム)
  • 08. Summer Vacation (サマー・バケーション)