Character Information
First Appearance"Rokugamihime: Rokugami Princess"

error: {{nihongo}}: Japanese or romaji text required (help), also known as Rokugami, is a deer god worshiped by an ancient Japanese religion. He attempts to save the villagers living near his mountain from a pitiful autumn harvest by sending them deer with ample meat and golden antlers. In doing so, he sacrificed himself. However, the villagers' greed led them to search his mountain for more golden deer, eventually slaughtering all of the deer and ending the village's longstanding faith in Rokugami.


Rokugami's curse

After Rokugami's sacrifice, his sisters attempt to take vengeance via a multi-generational curse that will one day allow them to bring calamity to mankind. The curse manifests as soot, which covers the village and tarnishes all of the golden antlers they harvested from the deer. The villagers use magic to trap the soot inside the body of Suzunome; Suzunome and her descendants are made to carry the cursed soot in their bloodlines until enough soot has accumulated for Rokugami's curse to devastate mankind. Rokugami's sisters appear as envoys of the curse; their appearance takes the form of Suzunome's descendants, albeit with large wooden horns growing from their heads.