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Character Information
First Rank of the School Youkai
BirthdayJanuary 1
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Hair ColorBlonde
First Appearance"The Spirit Camera"

The Headmaster (校長先生, Kouchousensei) is a youkai in Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni. He is among the most powerful of all youkai and is the only one who can erase humans from existence. As a result, other youkai offer the Headmaster a part of their victims' souls in order to hide the fact that humans are being consumed by the youkai.



The Headmaster is the highest ranking and most powerful youkai among the seven seats. He seems to be quite old and, according to Higanbana, the other youkai provide portions of human souls for him in exchange for his ability to erase the victim from the minds of everyone related to them.


The Headmaster appears as an intimidatingly large old man. He has long blond hair and a thick blond beard. He typically wears a maroon double-breasted suit with a matching hat. There are several eyes adorning his outfit; the buttons of his suit and one of his rings appear to be eyes. Furthermore, one of the Headmaster's eyes is always closed and the other seems to be mechanical.

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