Palatal lateral ejective affricate

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Template:Infobox IPA The palatal lateral ejective affricate is a rare type of consonantal sound, used in some spoken languages. The symbol in the International Phonetic Alphabet that represents this sound is Template:Angbr IPA.

It is a rare sound, found in Dahalo, a Cushitic language of Kenya, and in Hadza, a language isolate of Tanzania. In Dahalo, Template:IPA contrasts with alveolar Template:IPA, and in Hadza it contrasts with velar [[Velar lateral ejective affricate|Template:IPA]], an allophone of Template:IPA.


Features of the palatal lateral ejective affricate:

Template:Affricate Template:Palatal Template:Voiceless short Template:Oral Template:Lateral Template:Ejective


Language Word IPA Meaning
DahaloTemplate:Sfnp Template:IPA 'semen'
HadzaTemplate:Sfnp Template:IPA 'bone'

The Hadza sound has been transcribed as Template:IPA, but alveolar contact of the tongue is not distinctive.



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