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The (near) open front rounded vowel, or (near) low front rounded vowel,[1] is a type of vowel sound, not confirmed to be phonemic in any spoken languages. The symbol in the International Phonetic Alphabet that represents this sound is Template:Angbr IPA, and the equivalent X-SAMPA symbol is &. The letter Template:Angbr IPA is a small caps rendition of Template:Angbr. Template:Angbr IPA, the lowercase version of the ligature, is used for the open-mid front rounded vowel.

While the IPA chart lists it as a fully open vowel, the rounded equivalent of Template:IPA, Ladefoged[2] characterizes in as near-open, the rounded equivalent of Template:IPA.

A phoneme generally transcribed by this symbol is reported from the Bavarian subdialect of Amstetten. However, phonetically it is open-mid, i.e. Template:IPAblink.[3]

It occurs allophonically in Weert Limburgish[4] as well as in some speakers of Danish[5] and Swedish.[6] In certain transcriptions of Danish Template:Angbr IPA is used to denote an open-mid front rounded vowel Template:IPAblink.[5]

Template:Harvcoltxt reports that Template:IPA in Stockholm Swedish is sometimes difficult to distinguish from Template:IPAblink (which is the main realization of the Template:IPA phoneme), which is a sign that these vowels are phonetically very close.[6]


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Language Word IPA Meaning Notes
Danish Some speakers[5] grøn Template:IPA 'green' Near-open;[7] allophone of Template:IPA between Template:IPA and Template:IPA as well as an allophone of Template:IPA between Template:IPA and a nasal.[8] Other speakers pronounce it the same as Template:IPAblink.[5] See Danish phonology
Limburgish Weert dialect[4] bùj Template:IPA 'shower' Allophone of Template:IPA before Template:IPA.[4]
Swedish Stockholm[6] öra Template:IPA 'ear' Pre-Template:IPA allophone of Template:IPA (sometimes also Template:IPA) for younger speakers.[6] Open-mid Template:IPA for other speakers.[6] See Swedish phonology

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