Module:Language/data/ISO 639-5/make

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require('Module:No globals');

--[[--------------------------< I S O _ 5 _ N A M E _ E X T R A C T >------------------------------------------

{{#invoke:Language/data/ISO 639-5/make|ISO_5_name_extract|file-date=2013-02-11}}

reads a local copy of data from the table at, extracts
the ISO 639-5 codes and their associated language names

useful lines in the source table have the form:
	<Identifier>\t<English name>\t<French name>\t<639-2>\t<Hierarchy>\t<Notes>\n
	<Identifier> is the 639-5 language code
	<English name> is the English name
	<French names> is the French name (not used here)
	<639-2> is language group or remainder group or blank (not used here)
	<Hierarchy>  (not used here)
	<Notes> (not used here)

for the file date use the date listed at the bottom of the source page in yyyymmdd numeric format without hyphens or spaces


local function ISO_5_name_extract (frame)
	local page = mw.title.getCurrentTitle();									-- get a page object for this page
	local content = page:getContent();											-- get unparsed content
	local content_table = {};													-- table of text lines from source
	local out_table = {};														-- output table
	local code, name;

	local file_date = 'File-Date: ' .. frame.args["file-date"];					-- set the file date line from |file-date= (from the bottom of the source page)

	content_table = mw.text.split (content, '[\r\n]');							-- make a table of text lines
	for _, line in ipairs (content_table) do									-- for each line
		code, name = line:match ('^(%l%l%l)\t([%a %-,]+)\t');
		if code then
			table.insert (out_table,
				table.concat ({
					'["',														-- open code index
					'"] = {"',													-- close code index; open name table
					'"}'														-- close the names table

	table.sort (out_table);
	return "<br /><pre>-- " .. file_date .. "<br />return {<br />&#9;" .. table.concat (out_table, ',<br />&#9;') .. "<br />&#9;}<br />" .. "</pre>";

--[[--------------------------< E X P O R T E D   F U N C T I O N S >------------------------------------------

return {
	ISO_5_name_extract = ISO_5_name_extract