Demonology in Umineko no Naku Koro ni

Demonology plays a major role in the visual style of Umineko no Naku Koro ni. Demonic iconography is frequently used throughout the franchise and several characters are meant to be incarnations of various demons themselves.


Seventh pentacle of the Sun

Seventh Pentacle of the Sun

The seventh pentacle of the Sun appears in tandem with the first twilight. In Legend of the Golden Witch, it appears on the storehouse door. In Turn of the Golden Witch, it appears on the doors to the chapel. In End of the Golden Witch, it appears on the wall of the cousins' room in the guest house. The meaning of the pentacle is the escape from physical or mental bonds. The cross is inscribed in Hebrew with Chasan, Arel, Phorlakh, and Taliahad, the names of the angels of air, fire, earth, water respectively. Inscribed in between the arms of the cross are the names Ariel, Seraph, Tharshis, and Cherub. The Hebrew on the circle surrounding the cross is from the Old Testament, Psalm 66, verses 16 and 17. In Turn of the Golden Witch, the pentacle is accompanied by the English text "Happy Halloween for Maria".

First pentacle of the Moon

First Pentacle of the Moon

The first pentacle of the Moon appears in tandem with the second twilight. In Legend of the Golden Witch, it appears on the door to Eva and Hideyoshi Ushiromiya's room. In Turn of the Golden Witch, it appears on Jessica Ushiromiya's room. The Hebrew inscribed upon it is from the Old Testament, Psalm 107, verse 16. The pentacle is said to have two effects: opening any door regardless of the method used to lock it and granting the powers of observation, discernment, inspiration, and intuition.

Fifth pentacle of Mars

Fifth Pentacle of Mars

The fifth pentacle of Mars appears in Legend of the Golden Witch in Beatrice's third letter. Furthermore, the pentacle is inscribed upon Maria's scorpion charms and the doorknobs to Kinzo's study. It is said to have the power to ward off dark spirits, thus preventing Beatrice from harming anyone with a charm or entering a door with the pentacle inscribed on it.


Name Appearance in Umineko no Naku Koro ni Description Appearance in Dictionnaire Infernal
In demonology, Ronove is a Marquis and Great Earl of Hell, commanding twenty legions of demons. He teaches art, Rhetoric, languages, and gives good and loyal servants and the favour of friends and foes.
Gaap is a goetic demon described in the Lesser Key of Solomon as a Prince in human form who incites love. The Munich Manual also says that Taob also provides medical care for women, transforms them to make it easier to get to a lover, renders them infertile, and rules twenty-five legions of spirits. The sources besides the Munich Manual also describe Gaap as a President, giving him the powers to teach philosophy and liberal arts, make others invisible, steal familiars from other magicians, make men stupid, and carry men between kingdoms; in addition to ruling sixty-six legions of demons. Johann Weyer also connects Gaap to necromancers, and states that he was first called upon by Noah's son Ham, along with Beleth. He was of the order of potestates.
Zepar is a Great Duke of Hell. He commands 26 legions of inferior spirits. His office is to cause women to love men, and bring them together in love. He makes women barren. He is depicted with red clothes and armor, like a soldier.
Furfur is a powerful Great Earl of Hell, being the ruler of twenty-six legions of demons. He is a liar unless compelled to enter a magic triangle where he gives true answers to every question, speaking with a rough voice. Furfur causes love between a man and a woman, creates storms, tempests, thunder, lightning, and blasts, and teaches on secret and divine things. He is depicted as a hart or winged hart, and also as an angel.